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After reading the Eulogy for America several times, one thought kept coming back to mind...

The greatest loss we are suffering is the ability to conduct fair, transparent and auditable elections. The instument of this loss is the electronic voting system. The great advantage of paper or punch card ballots is that, barring ballot-box stuffing and outright fraud, the results can be verified. Not just by election officials, but by ANYONE who can count. Who can actually count and verify the results of electronic balloting? There is no "hard copy" proof of each person's vote. It all depends on who is in control of the voting apparatus. Is it the election monitors? The technicians operating the machines? Do we really know?

Our ability to change the things we disagree with in this country has always been based on our power to "vote the bums out." I fear we may never again have legitimate access to the one tool that truly gave us a voice: our vote.
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An interesting counterpoint to 4th of July celebrations:

Eulogy for America, published in Pravda, no less.

Snagged from [ profile] tavalon
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While reading this article in the New York Times this afternoon, a single sentence stood out:

Diagnoses of autism have risen sharply in recent years, from roughly 1 case for every 10,000 births in the 1980's to 1 in 166 births in 2003.

In my mind, there were two major changes in our commercial food supply that occurred roughly around 1980. The first was the introduction of Nutrasweet in 1981, and the second was the explosion in the number of processed "convenience" food choices, nearly all of which contain excitotoxins like MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, caseinate, yeast extract and ANYTHING labeled "natural flavoring."

You can read more about these poisons and their effects on the body here, if you're interested.

And you guys wonder why I go on and on about trying to "scrub" our diet...
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Or should I say, I drove in circles around the bomb squad until I could get to Mr. Notebook??

J recently decided that he was due for a new laptop soon, so I will get to keep his current Dell for myself. Since the little 'puter was showing a good bit of wear and tear, I packed it up this afternoon and took off for Mr. Notebook at 24th and Rio Grande to have the keypad and battery replaced and have it cleaned up.

I took my time getting to the Drag and wandering down to 24th, only to turn the corner and find the whole world cordoned off with police tape. There were police and fire vehicles everywhere, especially right next to the computer place. I'm thinking, wtf?? did we have a mass murder or something? No, of course not - I simply had decided to take the laptop to Mr. Notebook in the middle of a bomb scare. Once the bomb squad finished up and the police opened the street, I managed to be the first customer in the door of the shop, just behind the employees.

The techs didn't seem put off by the incident at all, and one cheerfully took the laptop from me and plopped it upside down onto the counter. He took out about 8 little screws, flipped it over, opened it up and started yanking it apart! Aack!! I've never taken a laptop apart myself, so I was a little startled when he yanked off the screen, then the keypad came off, and the rest of the inner cover came with it. We both peered into the guts of the thing, and he says, "umm, you have a cat, don't you?"

A cat. Who, me?

It seems there was quite a bit of kitty fuzz in there (he described it as 'half a cat'), to say nothing of dust, grit and who knows what else. At least I hadn't dumped a 32 ounce travel cup of coffee into it, as the gent standing next to me had done to his machine. The tech actually took it outside to blow the junk out of it. Back inside, he put the new keypad on, reassembled everything and cleaned the screen. Surprise, it came back to life! Now, the keys actually have letters on them again, and it has a new high capacity battery instead of one that died ages ago. It looks new. I only hope J doesn't decide that its in such good shape now that he'll take it back!

Corn syrup?

Jun. 6th, 2005 03:14 pm
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For those of you who have been standing around on one foot waiting to read a short history of how and why we came to be consuming so much of it, here it is:

This article was originally published in the New York Times in 2003.

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After reading this letter for the third or fourth time, I decided it was too good not to post. Lloyd Axworthy is a former Canadian foreign minister who minced no words in skewering the Bush administration's continued support of the missile "defense" program (you know, the one where they have to fake the results to prove it 'works'?) via this letter to Condoleeza Rice published in the Winnipeg Free Press:

My dearest Condi:.... )

Thanks again, Rob! :)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] laycielove!! You're not a teenager anymore! Hope you do something really fun on your birthday (and hope no one catches you at it!!)


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